The Ultimate Git & GitHub Course 2024 Start from Scratch

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Price: 5.00 USD | Size: SIZE: 2.50 GB | Duration: 6.13+ Hrs


Price: 5.00 USD | Size: SIZE: 2.50 GB | Duration: 6.13+ Hrs

Learn Git & GitHub from very Basic to Advanced Concepts using Commands & Modern GUI tools GitHub Desktop & GitKraken

What you’ll learn:
Master Git & Github Concepts in easy language
Setup Git Projects & Configure Git in System
Understand Git from very Scratch
Browse Project History Like a Pro
Various ways to use Git Command Line & VS Code
Git GUI tools like Github Desktop & GitKraken
Creating Branches & Merging Techniques
Handle Conflicts very Effectively
Practical showcase of Working in Team
Cleaning & Organise Commit History
Github Features like Releases, Issues & Milestones
Advanced Git Techniques like Rebasing, Cherry-Picking & Squashing
Contribute to the Open Source Projects
Much more interesting things…

No Prior Knowledge Needed

Git & GitHub are the most useful and every company loves to hire developer who understand and work with Git & GitHub effectively.And I think that’s why you came here And you came to the right place! This is The ultimate Git & GitHub course for 2024 and for the Future.[>>] Benefits of this course:Understand Git from very Scratch to Advanced ConceptsAdd Git & GitHub to your skill-set means getting a jobManage & Work with Git Projects without feeling stressUnderstand all Git concepts in a Simple and Easy wayI will teach you all concepts from its very basic to advanced level in very easy to explain language and by using best techniques.[>>] Topics covered in this course:What is Git? Why every company loves Git?How Git really worksConfiguring Git in systemGit Basics like staging the files and Commit themIgnoring some files with .gitignoreComplete section for browsing the commit historyCompare two commitsReturn to specific commitAdding TagsBranches and Merging which is the most important topic of GitStash the changesDifferent types of mergingResolving Conflicts like proTypes of resetCherry picking techniqueWorking in team in with practical showcase of how team members works together using GitCloning, fetching, pull, pushAdditional features of GitHub like releases, issues, milestonesHow to contribute to open source projectHow to organise our project history which makes your project looks professionalModifying existing commitsSplitting and Squashing themand much much more things… (Watch curriculum for more topics)My name is Meet Patel and I am working as a software engineer. And I also teach programming in easy-to-explain language from my YouTube Channel “Code Bless You”In this course we will learn Git both ways. First we will see Command line approach and also we will see How we can do the same using GUI tools like GitHub Desktop, Visual Studio Code and GitKraken.If you take any of my courses or tutorial, you know I don’t waste your time with repeated explanations. I will guarantee you, You will master Git after completing this course. So lets don’t waste time and get started with Git 🙂

Who this course is for:
Developer who wants to Understand Git & Github Like Pro
Developer who need Git for Job
Freelancer or New Developer who want to manage their own Project


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