Python Using Community Code

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Python: Using Community Code
Course description
This course from ITProTV explores the use of community code, or code that is written by others to solve a particular problem or provide a particular functionality. Discover how you can obtain these created solutions to increase your problem-solving speed. This course covers using tools like pip, pipenv, and conda as solutions for fetching and managing outside dependency requirements. It goes over creating and managing virtual environments, installing packages, resizing images, finding image links, analyzing population data, and much more!

Skills covered in this course
Python (Programming Language)
Open-Source Development

1. Python: Using Community Code
Use community code
4m 15s

Locked content
Community code: What is that?
30m 54s

Locked content
Install pip
20m 14s

Locked content
Install system packages
21m 14s

Locked content
Virtual environment: Create
25m 54s

Virtual environment: Manage
15m 54s

Locked content
Virtual environment: Install packages
21m 59s

Locked content
Project: Resizing images
31m 22s

Locked content
Install Pipenv
18m 37s

Locked content
Create Pipenv environments
12m 56s

Locked content
Manage Pipenv environments
24m 36s

Locked content
Use Pipenv environments
21m 13s

Locked content
Project: Image links on a page
28m 32s

Locked content
Another one? Why conda?
21m 23s

Locked content
Install conda
24m 1s

Locked content
Install conda: Windows
12m 28s

Create conda environments
27m 32s

Locked content
Manage conda environments
26m 8s

Locked content
Manage conda environments: Reproduce
30m 11s

Locked content
Manage conda environments: Clone
23m 54s

Project: Analyze population data
27m 54s

Locked content
Uninstall conda
12m 22s

Locked content
Uninstall conda: Windows
9m 26s


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