Price: 6.00 USD | Size: 5.90 GB | Duration : 6.15+ Hours



Price: 6.00 USD | Size: 5.90 GB | Duration : 6.15+ Hours
Learn OriginLab from Scratch

What you’ll learn
Students will learn how to create publication-quality graphs and charts using OriginLab, enhancing their data visualization and presentation skills.
This course will equip students with the knowledge and skills to efficiently analyze complex datasets, employing a wide range of stat. & math. tools.
Students will gain proficiency in data import/export techniques, ensuring seamless integration of their data with other sources and applications.
Introduce students to scripting and programming in OriginLab, enabling them to automate tasks and extend the software’s functionality for advanced data analysis
The course has no specific prerequisites, making it suitable for learners of all levels, but a basic understanding of data analysis and graphing concepts would be beneficial.
1. Installation and Basic Operations:How to Download and Install Origin Software for Free2. Data Import and Graph Basics:How to import data files in OriginLine graph in OriginScatter graph in OriginLine scatter graph in OriginHow to plot Y offset or Y stack plots in Origin3. Graph Customization and Management:How to customize a graph in OriginHow to merge multiple graphs in OriginHow to export or save a graph in OriginHow to insert an inset in a graph in OriginHow to remove glitches and correct a graph in Origin4. Data Manipulation and Analysis:How to plot data with X and Y error bars in OriginHow to extract data points from a plot in OriginHow to normalize data, perform baseline corrections, and subtract baselines in OriginHow to find peaks, label peaks, and calculate FWHM in OriginHow to smooth plots and graphs in OriginHow to deconvolute peaks and perform curve fitting (linear, polynomial, exponential decay, Gaussian distribution) in OriginFWHM vs Integral Breadth analysis in OriginHow to find the area under the curve using Origin5. Advanced Data Analysis:How to do curve fitting of multiple peaks in OriginHow to set up custom analysis templates, perform batch processing, and conduct descriptive statistics on statistical data in OriginCross tabulation, chi-square, distribution fit, and hypothesis t-tests on statistical data in Origin6. Application-specific Techniques:How to plot and normalize FTIR and UV-VIS data in OriginHow to smooth XRD graph in OriginBaseline correction for XRD and FTIR in OriginThis breakdown should offer a more organized view of the course’s content, allowing learners to navigate through the material more efficiently based on their specific learning needs.
Section 1: Getting Started with OriginLab
Lecture 1 How to Download and Install Origin Software for Free
Section 2: Data Import and Basic Plotting
Lecture 2 How to Import Data Files in Origin
Lecture 3 Line Graph in Origin
Lecture 4 Scatter Graph in Origin
Lecture 5 Line Scatter Graph in Origin
Section 3: Graph Customization and Advanced Plotting
Lecture 6 How to Customize a Graph in Origin
Lecture 7 How to Plot Y Offset or Y Stack Plots in Origin
Lecture 8 How to Plot Double or Multiple Y-axis Graph in Origin
Lecture 9 How to Merge Multiple Graphs in Origin
Lecture 10 How to Export or Save a Graph in Origin
Lecture 11 How to Insert an Inset in a Graph in Origin
Lecture 12 How to Plot Data with X and Y Error Bars in Origin
Section 4: Curve Fitting
Lecture 13 How to Linearly Fit Data in Origin
Lecture 14 How to Do Curve Fitting with Polynomial Function in Origin
Lecture 15 How to Do Nonlinear Curve Fitting in Origin
Lecture 16 How to Nonlinearly Fit with Exponential Decay Function in Origin
Lecture 17 How to Fit a Histogram with a Gaussian Distribution in Origin
Lecture 18 Curve Fitting with some Restrictions in Origin
Lecture 19 Curve Fitting of Multiple Peaks in Origin
Lecture 20 How to Deconvolute a Peak / Multiple Peaks Fitting in Origin
Section 5: Advanced Plot Manipulation
Lecture 21 How to Remove Glitch in a Graph in Origin
Lecture 22 How to Correct a Graph in Origin
Lecture 23 How to Extract Data Points from a Plot in Origin
Lecture 24 How to Normalize Data in Origin
Lecture 25 Normalization and Baseline Correction in Origin
Lecture 26 How to Plot and Normalize FTIR and UV-VIS Data in Origin
Lecture 27 How to Subtract Baseline in Origin
Lecture 28 Baseline Correction for XRD and FTIR in Origin
Lecture 29 How to Find Peaks and Label Peaks in Origin
Lecture 30 How to Smooth a Plot in Origin
Lecture 31 How to Smooth XRD Graph in Origin
Lecture 32 How to Calculate FWHM in Origin
Lecture 33 How to Find Area Under the Curve Using Origin
Lecture 34 FWHM vs Integral Breadth in Origin
Section 6: Advanced Analysis and Statistics
Lecture 35 How to Set Up Custom Analysis Templates in Origin
Lecture 36 Batch Processing in Origin
Lecture 37 How to Perform Descriptive Statistics on Statistical Data in Origin
Lecture 38 How to Do Cross Tabulation and Chi-Square on Statistical Data in Origin
Lecture 39 Distribution Fit for Statistical Data in Origin
Lecture 40 Hypothesis T-Tests on Statistical Data in Origin
This course is designed for students, researchers, scientists, engineers, and professionals in various fields who wish to enhance their data analysis and visualization skills using OriginLab software.


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