Price: 4.00 USD | Size: 1.50 GB | Duration : 3.40+ Hours



Price: 4.00 USD | Size: 1.50 GB | Duration : 3.40+ Hours
Explore the Power of AI in NodeJS: Learn GPT-4, Prompt Engineering, DALL?E 3, Whisper, Fine-tuning and More!

What you’ll learn
Understanding of the OpenAI Ecosystem
Integration of OpenAI Technologies in NodeJS Applications
Prompt Engineering & GPT Parameters
Fine-Tuning OpenAI Models
Building Visual Applications with DALL-E 2 & 3
Create Voice-to-Text and Text-to-Voice using Whisper and TTS
Basics of j?vascript Programming Language
Transform Your NodeJS Applications with AI: Master OpenAI’s APIs including GPT-4, GPT-4 Vision, DALL-E, and WhisperDive into the realm of AI with the OpenAI NodeJS Masterclass, a comprehensive course designed to equip you with the skills to integrate OpenAI’s groundbreaking APIs into your NodeJS applications. This course, freshly recorded with the latest features of GPT-4, offers an in-depth exploration of the OpenAI ecosystem, tailored for NodeJS developers.What You Will Learn:Understanding OpenAI Ecosystem: Gain a solid foundation in the capabilities of OpenAI’s suite, including GPT 4, DALL-E, and Whisper.NodeJS and OpenAI API Integration: Learn to seamlessly incorporate OpenAI APIs into your NodeJS projects, managing API calls and responses effectively.Prompt Engineering: Hone your skills in crafting prompts that leverage AI models for improved outputs in diverse scenarios.Fine-Tuning AI Models for Specific Needs: Learn to customize OpenAI models for particular requirements, enhancing their effectiveness in your applications.GPT Parameters: Master the art of tweaking AI parameters such as Temperature, Frequency Penalty and Top-p, ensuring tailored responses from your AI models.Visual Applications with DALL-E: Discover how to use DALL-E APIs to create unique images and artworks directly within NodeJS applications.Voice and Text Interactions with Whisper: Implement text-to-voice and voice-to-text features to enhance user interaction and accessibility in your projects.Why This Course?This provides an extensive understanding and practical knowledge of OpenAI’s APIs essential for NodeJS developers. You’ll explore the intricacies of integrating AI into web applications, enhancing user experience, and unlocking new possibilities in your projects.Who Should Enroll:NodeJS developers seeking to integrate AI into their applicationsSoftware engineers and full-stack developers wanting to add AI capabilities to their skillset.Enthusiasts and hobbyists interested in applying AI in web technologies.Entrepreneurs and startup teams aiming to leverage AI for innovative product features.Students and academic researchers looking to deepen their AI integration knowledge.Analysts and data scientists interested in the application of AI in data analysis and visualization.Embark on Your AI Journey:Join the OpenAI NodeJS Masterclass and start transforming your NodeJS projects with the power of AI. Enroll today to step into the future of AI-driven development!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2:?Software?Installations
Lecture 2 Installing Visual Studio Code
Lecture 3 Installing Node.js and NPM
Lecture 4 Installing OpenAI library
Section 3: Configuration and Overview
Lecture 5 Configuring and Getting OpenAI API Keys
Lecture 6 Overview of the Models Part 1
Lecture 7 Overview of the Models Part 2
Section 4: Text-based Models[GPT-4, GPT-3.5 & More]
Lecture 8 Interacting with Text-based Models Part 1
Lecture 9 Interacting with Text-based Models Part 2
Lecture 10 GPT 4 & GPT 4 Vision
Lecture 11 Streaming and Chat Completion Chunks
Lecture 12 GPT Parameters – Temperature, Top-p, Frequency Penalty, Presence Penalty, etc.
Section 5: Prompt Engineering
Lecture 13 Basics of Prompt Engineering
Lecture 14 Prompt Engineering Overview and Techniques
Lecture 15 Delimiters in Prompt Engineering
Lecture 16 Structured Outputs in Prompt Engineering
Lecture 17 Structured Outputs – Practical Example (Pizza Delivery)
Lecture 18 Few Shot Prompts, Zero Shot CoT, Self-Consistency, etc.
Section 6: Whisper & TTS
Lecture 19 Whisper API – Introduction and Usage
Lecture 20 Whisper API – Pizza Delivery Example
Lecture 21 Text to Speech (TTS) API
Section 7: DALL?E 2 & 3
Lecture 22 DALL?E Introduction and Overview
Lecture 23 Creating Images using DALL?E API
Lecture 24 Creating Better Images using DALL?E
Lecture 25 Editing Images using DALL?E API
Lecture 26 Creating Variations using DALL?E API
Lecture 27 A Peek at DALL?E 3
Section 8: Fine-tuning
Lecture 28 Introduction to Fine-tuning
Lecture 29 Preparing Datasets
Lecture 30 Uploading Datasets
Lecture 31 Creating a Fine-tune Job
Lecture 32 Using the Fine-tuned Model
NodeJS/j?vascript Developers looking to integrate AI capabilities into their web applications or services.


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