Price: 5.00 USD | Size: 4.10 GB | Duration : 7.00+ Hours



Price: 5.00 USD | Size: 4.10 GB | Duration : 7.00+ Hours
Leadership & Manager Development Training: Basic to Management Skills, Leadership and Communication Skills

What you’ll learn
Become an effective Leader with this universal Manager Training
Understand the core elements of Business Communication
Learn Basic Management Skills & Communication Skills
Understand the Principles of Effective Leadership Skills
Learn How to Lead Teams and Inspire People
No previous knowledge needed. Course on the basis of leadership, management and communication.
Manager Training – Leadership Skill Training – Leadership Development – Team Leadership – Business CommunicationDo you want to improve your leadership skills?Do you want to become an effective manager?Do you want to enhance your business communication skills ?In this course, you will delve deep into the trio of management, communication & leadership, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the crucial role it plays in driving positive change and achieving organizational success.What You Will Learn:The Basics of Leadership SkillsUnderstand and Apply Strategic Business CommunicationAdapt and Evolve Your Management StyleLearn the fundamentals of the significant trio: Leadership, Communication & ManagementThis course will help you master core leadership, communication & management skills. It is designed for career beginners as well as more advanced business members. It will you help you overcome typical leadership challenges that hold you back and will make you more successful.What is included:Lecture 1 – What you will learn Who am I?Overview Of The CourseLecture 2: – Download All Course MaterialsLecture 3: Definition of LeadershipAn Introduction To LeadershipThe Signs of Good and Bad LeadershipLecture 4: What makes a great Leader?Aspects of good leadershipExamples of successful leadersLecture 5: Leadership StylesSix Types of Leadership by Daniel GolemanIdentify your Personal Leadership StyleLecture 6: Emotional IntelligenceWhat is Emotional Intelligence and why is it important?How can you become ‘Emotionally intelligent’?Lecture 7: Situational LeadershipWhat is Situational Leadership and why is it important?Four Types of Situational Leadership according to Hersey & BlanchardLecture 8: Are Leaders Born or Made?Factors that Influence Leadership AbilityTheories on Leadership DevelopmentLecture 9: Typical Leadership mistakes10 Most Common Leadership MistakesReference on how to prevent these mistakesLecture 10: How to Motivate Your Team Motivational Theories by Vroom & MaslowPractical implications on Team MotivationLecture 11: Definition of ManagementIntroduction to ManagementFunctions of ManagementLecture 12: Difference between Management & LeadershipDifferences between Management & LeadershipSimilarities between Management & LeadershipLecture 13: Levels of ManagementIntroduction to the Different Levels of ManagementRole of the different levels of managementLecture 14: Effective & Ineffective ManagementDefinition of effective & ineffective ManagementSigns of being an effective & ineffective ManagerLecture 15: Management TheoriesHistory of Management TheoriesImplications of Management Theories for Your Daily BusinessLecture 16: DelegationThe Five Levels of DelegationThe Process of DelegationLecture 17 – How to set GoalsImportance & Process of Goal SettingSMART GoalsLecture 18 – How to Manage Different Kinds of PeopleDISA Model for People ManagementAdaptation of Management Style based on IndividualsLecture 19 – How to Keep Yourself from Overthinking as a ManagerPros & Cons of OverthinkingPractical Tips on How to Overthink LessLecture 20 – Managing Negative Emotions at WorkWhy & What Do We Feel?Guide on Management of EmotionsLecture 21 – Basics of CommunicationImportance & Elements of CommunicationVerbal vs. Non-verbal CommunicationLecture 22 – Business CommunicationInternal vs. External CommunicationFormal vs. Informal CommunicationLecture 23 – Communication BarriersDifferent Kinds of Communication BarriersPractical Guide on Overcoming BarriersLecture 24 – Practical Communication Tips for ManagersLecture 25 – How to Communicate FeedbackProcess of Giving Constructive FeedbackDESCript Method for Giving FeedbackLecture 26- Communicate What You WantHow to Prepare for Difficult Conversationshow to Get the Salary Raise You DeserveLecture 27- Underestimating the importance of networksWhat is Networking and Why is it Important?How to Identify Your Network & Start NetworkingLecture 28 – Summary & OutroLecture 29 – Download All Course MaterialsWho this course is for:This course is for beginners / people who are New to Management/ Leadership RolesThis course is also for More Experienced Managers, looking to Refresh & Deepen SkillsAre you ready to embark on this enriching journey toward leadership excellence? Let’s get started!
Section 1: Introduction to The Course
Lecture 1 Introduction & Course Trailer
Lecture 2 Download all Course Slides
Section 2: Fundamentals of Leadership
Lecture 3 Basics of Leadership
Lecture 4 What Makes a Great Leader?
Lecture 5 Leadership Styles: Find your Leadership Style
Lecture 6 Emotional Intelligence: What is it & how can you gain from it?
Lecture 7 Situational Leadership: How to Adapt Your Leadership Style
Lecture 8 Are Leaders Born or Made?
Lecture 9 10 Most Common Leadership Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
Lecture 10 How to Motivate Your Team as a Leader
Section 3: Fundamentals of Management
Lecture 11 Basics of Management
Lecture 12 Difference Between Management & Leadership
Lecture 13 The Three Levels of Management
Lecture 14 How to Become an Effective Manager
Lecture 15 Relevant Management Theories & How to Apply Them in Practice
Lecture 16 How to Delegate Tasks Effectively
Lecture 17 How to Set SMART Goals for Yourself & Your Team
Lecture 18 How to Manage Different Kinds of People
Lecture 19 How to Overthink Less as a Manager
Lecture 20 How to Manage Negative Emotions at Work
Section 4: Fundamentals of Business Communication
Lecture 21 Basics of Communication
Lecture 22 Business Communication: Formal vs. Informal & Internal vs. External
Lecture 23 Effective Communication & Communication Barriers
Lecture 24 Practical Communication Guide for Managers
Lecture 25 How to Give Feedback
Lecture 26 How to Communicate What You Want
Lecture 27 The Importance of Networking
Section 5: Summary & Outro
Lecture 28 Summary & Outro
Lecture 29 Download all slides
Emerging Leaders and Managers: Individuals who are new to leadership roles or are aspiring to become leaders can greatly benefit from this course. They can learn about potential pitfalls to avoid as they navigate their leadership journey and gain insights into effective strategies for success.,Experienced Leaders: Even seasoned leaders can find value in a course on leadership mistakes. It provides them with an opportunity to reflect on their past experiences, reassess their leadership practices, and fine-tune their skills to avoid common pitfalls that may have hindered their progress.,Project Managers: Project managers often have to lead cross-functional teams and navigate complex situations. This course can equip them with insights into potential missteps and help them develop effective strategies for guiding their teams to success,Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Leaders of startups and small businesses can gain valuable knowledge about leadership mistakes that can have significant implications for their ventures. They can learn how to create a strong foundation for their organizations and prevent common errors that might hinder growth.


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