Ethical Hacking: Security Testing with Raspberry Pi

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Ethical Hacking: Security Testing with Raspberry Pi
Weaponizing Your Raspberry Pi – Red Team, Pentesting and Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux and Raspberry Pi!

What you’ll learn
Use Raspberry Pis for Pentesting, Red Team and Ethical Hacking
Perform Network Security Scans using Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux
Learn how to Perform Wi-Fi Scans and Attacks
See How to Build Your Own Pentesting Platforms on Raspberry Pi

This is a Step-by-Step learning series, but it would be best to have basic Linux usage and networking experience, also familiarity with a raspberry Pi is highly recommended but not necessary.
Welcome to “Security Testing with Raspberry Pi,” an innovative course meticulously crafted for the modern cybersecurity professional. In this dynamic program, we’ll not only explore the basics of ethical hacking using Kali Linux and Raspberry Pi but also delve into advanced techniques, including Software Defined Radio (SDR), and the creation of custom platforms.

Portability and Accessibility

One of the key advantages of Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi is portability. The Raspberry Pi’s small form factor makes it an ideal platform for on-the-go ethical hacking. Whether you’re conducting security assessments in diverse environments or performing Red Team building penetration tests, the Raspberry Pi allows you to carry your hacking toolkit in your pocket.

Course Overview: Embark on a comprehensive journey as we unlock the potential of Kali Linux, strategically implement offensive security practices, and exploit vulnerabilities responsibly. Beyond the basics, this course pushes the boundaries by integrating cutting-edge technologies, ensuring you’re well-equipped to face the challenges of contemporary cybersecurity.

Key Highlights:

Kali Linux: Uncover using Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi, exploring its powerful penetration testing tools and mastering the art of ethical hacking.

Offensive Security Techniques: Proactively identify, exploit, and secure systems, gaining hands-on experience in offensive security tools.

Penetration Testing Essentials: Develop expertise in Reconnaissance, Scanning, Exploitation, and Wireless Security, essential for effective penetration testing.

Raspberry Pi Integration: Harness the compact yet powerful Raspberry Pi as a platform for ethical hacking, creating your portable toolkit for on-the-go security assessments.

Software Defined Radio (SDR): Explore the realm of using SDR on a Pi using DragonOS.

Pentest Drop Boxes: Kali on a Pi is the perfect solution for deploying and utilizing pentest drop boxes, enabling remote testing and assessment of target environments.

Building Custom Platforms: Elevate your skills by building custom platforms tailored to specific ethical hacking needs, ensuring adaptability to diverse scenarios.

Who Should Enroll: This course caters to computer science professionals, IT administrators, and cybersecurity enthusiasts seeking to advance their skills in ethical hacking. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a beginner, this class offers a hands-on learning experience that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

Join us on this thrilling journey of ethical hacking with Kali Linux, Raspberry Pi, SDR, and the tools of tomorrow. Let’s fortify the digital landscape together!

Disclaimer: This is an Ethical Hacking course. Always practice training in a test lab environment. Never use the techniques shown here to test, access or attack a system that you do not have permission to access. Doing so is illegal, and you could go to jail. This course is for informational purposes only.

Who this course is for:
This course is for both those new to Pentesting and Ethical Hacking and experienced Pentesters and Red Team members who want to expand their toolkit with Raspberry Pi


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