cPanel Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to Web Hosting

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Price: 4.00 USD | Size: 1.54 GB | Duration : 2.37+ Hours




Price: 4.00 USD | Size: 1.54 GB | Duration : 2.37+ Hours


cPanel Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to Web Hosting
Unlock the Power of Web Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering cPanel for Beginners and Beyond

What you’ll learn
Overview of cPanel and its role in web hosting.
Understanding the cPanel interface.
Uploading and downloading files.
Managing website files using the File Manager.
Setting up subdomains and addon domains.
Creating and managing email accounts.
Creating and managing databases.
Connecting websites to databases.
Implementing SSL certificates.
Understanding and using security tools in cPanel.
Configuring website settings.
Monitoring website performance.
Setting up regular backups.
Restoring websites from backups.
Deploying API’s written in NodeJS.

No previous experience if you want to learn how to host your website with SiteJet or WordPress! If you want to code your own website and API’s then this course will teach you how to deploy and manage them!
In this course, you will start by understanding the core concepts of web hosting, laying the foundation for an immersive learning experience. Delve into the intricacies of the File Manager, where you’ll master the art of organizing and managing website files efficiently. Learn the essentials of hosting static websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and progress to deploying dynamic ReactJS websites seamlessly.

Unlock the power of cPanel in image manipulation and directory privacy, ensuring your websites not only look appealing but also maintain security. Explore backup strategies using the Backup Wizard, and discover how to integrate Git version control into your workflow for efficient website management.

Email management is a crucial aspect of web hosting, and this course guides you through the setup of webmail, creation of new email users, and configuration of autoresponders. Gain insights into domain essentials, WordPress, and SiteJet basics, setting the stage for your journey into advanced website deployment.

Navigate through URL redirection, DNS configuration, and the Zone Editor, mastering the fundamentals of HTTP and enabling secure HTTPS connections for your websites. Customize HTTPS encryption strength for enhanced security and implement features like HotLink protection and API token management.

Dive into the world of SQL and databases, learning essential manipulation techniques with SQL statements such as INSERT INTO, UPDATE, SELECT, and DELETE. Explore remote connectivity to databases, and understand IP blocking, site quality monitoring, and bandwidth optimization for a seamless user experience.

Complete your journey by analyzing website statistics with AWStats, handling errors effectively, and deploying a NodeJS API. Join us on this comprehensive exploration, emerge as a proficient cPanel master, and gain the skills needed to excel in the dynamic realm of web hosting and advanced website management. Enroll now for a transformative learning experience!

Who this course is for:
Web Hosting Beginners
Website Owners
Website Administrators
IT Professionals
Web Designers
Freelancers and Entrepreneurs
Small Business Owners
Technical Support Staff
System Administrators


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