ChatGPT Plugins for IT Professionals


Price: 3.00 USD | Size: 154 MB |? ?Duration : 1.12 Hours??| 30 Video Lessons | Bonus : ChatGPT PDF Guides





Price: 3.00 USD | Size: 154 MB |? ?Duration : 1.12 Hours??| 30 Video Lessons | Bonus : ChatGPT PDF Guides



ChatGPT Plugins for IT Professionals

Plugins can extend ChatGPT’s functionality greatly, but they are not intuitive to discover or use. This course will teach you how to find, configure, and use ChatGPT plugins that can boost your career as an IT professional.

What you’ll learn

ChatGPT plugins are a great idea, but how in the world do you use them? In this course, ChatGPT Plugins for IT Professionals, you?ll learn what ChatGPT plugins are, how to find them, and how to use them. First, you?ll explore how to prompt ChatGPT most effectively without plugins. Next, you?ll discover how to locate the ChatGPT plugins you need to accelerate your IT Ops workflow. Finally, you ?ll learn how to use those plugins and give your developer colleagues instructions on how to write their own ChatGPT plugins. When you?re finished with this course, you?ll have the skills and knowledge of ChatGPT plugins needed to dramatically increase your value to your employer and your customers.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Course Overview 1m

Learn Effectively with ChatGPT
Overview 2m
ChatGPT Introduction 3m
ChatGPT Plus 1m
Important ChatGPT Guidance 2m
Common Prompt Engineering Techniques 3m
Custom Instructions 2m
Tokenization 2m
ChatGPT Limitations 3m
ChatGPT Plugins 2m
OpenAI’s Own Plugins 4m
Demo: Sign up for ChatGPT 4m
Demo: Tour the OpenAI Websites 4m
Summary 1m

Find the Best ChatGPT Plugins for Your Work
Overview 1m
ChatGPT Plugin Store 1m
GPTStore.ai 1m
GitHub.com 1m
Work with Installed ChatGPT Plugins 1m
ChatGPT Plugin Behavior 4m
Develop Your Own ChatGPT Plugin 2m
Upload Your Own ChatGPT Plugin 0m
Demo: Enroll an OpenAI Developer Account 7m
Demo: Tour the ChatGPT Plugin Store 5m
Summary 1m

Implement ChatGPT Plugins in Your Prompts
Overview 0m
Things to Keep in Mind Regarding ChatGPT Plugins 1m
Demo: Enabling ChatGPT Plugins 5m
Demo: Troubleshooting ChatGPT Plugin Behavior 5m
Summary 1m


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