40 Real CKA Practical Test With Hands-On Explanation

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40 Real CKA Practical Test + Hands-On Explanation – June 24

40 Réal CKA Practical Test With Hands-On | 100% Linux + Hand’s On | Updated June 2024

What you’ll learn

CKA Exam Question
Practice CKA question with answers before you appear for the exam
Complete your CKA with ease as you would have practiced 40+ Questions
CKA exam based questions with answers

Basic Linux Knowledge
*This course is intended to help you prep for the certification exam.*

CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator & CKAD: Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Important Info:

This training is for people who is planning to take up CKA and CKAD. This course covers about 40 question on real exam based questions with answers executed on Linux with hands on. Alternate method is also given part of this training but those methods may have subscriptions or paid.

Note: Its recommended, to take up the detailed training “Mastering Docker & Kubernetes (Pass CKA) – Basic To Expert” if your looking for more than just passing the CKA exam. As it includes both detailed topic by topic explanations + these “40 Real CKA Practical Test With Hands-On” + 50+ multiple Choice question + Docker Too.

What will be covered as part of the wide area of questions:

Storage – 10%

Understand storage classes, persistent volumes

Understand volume mode, access modes and reclaim policies for volumes

Understand persistent volume claims primitive

Know how to configure applications with persistent storage

Troubleshooting – 30%

Evaluate cluster and node logging

Understand how to monitor applications

Manage container stdout & stderr logs

Troubleshoot application failure

Troubleshoot cluster component failure

Troubleshoot networking

Workloads & Scheduling – 15%

Understand deployments and how to perform rolling update and rollbacks

Use ConfigMaps and Secrets to configure applications

Know how to scale applications

Understand the primitives used to create robust, self-healing, application deployments

Understand how resource limits can affect Pod scheduling

Awareness of manifest management and common templating tools

Cluster Architecture, Installation & Configuration – 25%

Manage role based access control (RBAC)

Use Kubeadm to install a basic cluster

Manage a highly-available Kubernetes cluster

Provision underlying infrastructure to deploy a Kubernetes cluster

Perform a version upgrade on a Kubernetes cluster using Kubeadm

Implement etcd backup and restore

Services & Networking – 20%

Understand host networking configuration on the cluster nodes

Understand connectivity between Pods

Understand ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer service types and endpoints

Know how to use Ingress controllers and Ingress resources

Know how to configure and use CoreDNS

Choose an appropriate container network interface plugin

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